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Solicitors' Referral Service

Interpreting the Arabic Language

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We are frequently asked by members of the community to recommend a good solicitors firm. We’ve previously referred immigration, nationality, work permit, settlement visa, asylum applications, financial disputes, family and criminal cases.

We have an arrangement with a number of solicitors firms to refer these enquiries to them.


If you have an asylum case, settlement visa application, nationality application, work permit or you wish to settle in another country, please contact us and provide us with details.

We will put you in contact with a trusted solicitors firm who will take care of your case or application.

We will assist you with the initial communication in Arabic with the solicitors firm by providing translations of your written materials as well as interpretation.

We provide referrals free of charge for members of the Arab community. Translation and interpreting services are payable.

Solicitors may be able to arrange for your legal and translation fees to be covered by Legal Aid Board for those living in United Kingdom. This will depend on your personal financial circumstances.

We also assist investors interested in obtaining citizenship and residency in Europe. We’ll put you in touch with relevant official government agents promoting citizenship and residency programmes for various counties in Europe.


If you are a solicitors firm who would like to be listed in our solicitors referral service, please forward your details, area of specialisation and your location. We will send you our terms and conditions to consider and sign.

Our email address: info@arabictranslatoruk.com


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