Ahmed T Al-Hamdi 

Certified Translator and Consecutive Interpreter


Previous Work

Interpreting the Arabic Language


I have more than 40 years of experience as a translator and 28 years as an interpreter. I worked as a translator for the Ministry of Defence in Baghdad, Iraq, between 1977-1979 for two full-time years during my national military service and two full-time years as a translator and interpreter for Ministry of the Interior in the United Arab Emirates. I was translating and interpreting for the British police advisers to the Ministry. Since June 1985 to present, I have been working as a freelance translator and consecutive interpreter. I spent nine years working in London, moving to Manchester in 1989. I have provided consecutive interpreting of training courses for police, security organisations, and companies specialising in design of technical systems. This is in addition to numerous ad hoc interpreting of police and immigration interviews, solicitors’ meetings, and court cases.

Extensively Experienced

During my career, I have worked for the following organisations:

Whatever Your Needs

  • Business Meetings and Presentations

  • Police and Security Training Courses

  • Educational and Academic Lectures

  • Solicitors’ Conferences and Interviews

  • Asylum Interviews and Immigration Cases

  • Family Court and Criminal Court Cases

  • Traffic Accident Cases

  • Technical training courses

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