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“I thoroughly recommend him to any future employer”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ahmed al-Hamdi and am pleased to offer an unqualified reference into his professional capability and integrity. 

I have utilised his skills as a qualified Arabic translator and interpreter in both a legal/technical environment and social context. Ahmed has quickly adapted a formal knowledge of Arabic to manage translations in a local context and which in terms of structure and content fit relevant circumstances and audiences. He is both accurate and contextual in his Arabic ability.

Ahmed worked on my behalf supporting the development of criminal justice and policing services in the United Arab Emirates between 2010-2012. He has provided both documentary translation from Arabic to English to Arabic and provided direct verbal interpreting to support high attendance official functions where it was often commented directly to me by Arabic speaking colleagues on the verbal accuracy of his interpretation skills. Indeed one senior officer specifically requested Ahmed when translation was required to ensure timeliness and accuracy in legal and technical interpretation.

I thoroughly recommend him to any future employer.” - Dr Alan Edward JARMAN QCB, Managing Director, CIC Continuous Improvement Consulting

" extremely reliable, professional and a delight to deal with "

" I had the great pleasure of working with Mr Ahmed al-Hamdi for the first time recently. He did the translation from English into Arabic for my audio-visual project The Wolf of Baghdad. I found him to be extremely reliable, professional and a delight to deal with. He worked very conscientiously with meticulous attention to detail and I can highly recommend his excellent services." -  Carol Isaacs-The Wolf of Baghdad, Audio-visual project

“I Strongly Recommend Him”

“I have known Ahmed al-Hamdi for nearly 30 years since his MSc studies at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. I was his tutor and supervisor throughout Master studies, and I found him to be thorough and methodical both as a translator/interpreter and as a student of Translation Studies. As a person, he is mature, reliable, and extremely friendly, a pleasure to teach and work with. These are qualities admired by teachers and fellow students alike. As a fully fledged translator and interpreter in the field, I have kept up with his excellent work over the years. In various capacities, I have been aware of his excellent professional work and personal conduct through references and feedback for recent professional work. In short, Ahmed is a first-class individual. This is matched to an equal measure by top professional attitude not only towards the task at hand, but also regarding such broad areas of human endeavour as ethics and responsibility. Therefore, I strongly recommend him both for professional translation and interpreting work and for further doctorate studies and related scholarly activities.” - Basil Hatim, Professor of Translation & Interpreting, American University of Sharjah, UAE (formerly, Professor of Translation & Linguistics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK)


I recently had to translate important documents from Arabic to English for a passport application. I was a bit hesitant at first since I found Ahmed on a random google search but luckily the service provided by Ahmed was excellent in every way. He explained costs, how long it would take and how the documents would be delivered. I phoned him on a Thursday and the work was sent as a soft copy on the following Monday. The hard copies arrived by special delivery the next day. The certified translations were perfectly done. I found Ahmed to be very professional in his attitude and punctuality and very pleasant and polite to talk to. I would definitely recommend him and will not hesitate to contact him again for any future work. Great job, thanks! - Neda Kassas, Retired English Literature professor at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.


“I have been working with Ahmed for over twenty years on projects spanning a wide spectrum and have always been impressed by his exacting professional standards. Ahmed's helpfulness, dedication, and attention to detail are exemplary and I have no hesitation in recommending Ahmed for any projects involving Arabic.” - Stephan Jaeger, Triangle Translations

“Top Quality”

“Have worked with Ahmed and his quality Arabic translation and interpreting for 20 years. He's very wide-ranging, has vast commercial written and spoken experience, and the work is always top quality. Very easy to talk to and work with, a well-balanced, thoroughly decent chap, we recommend him 100% - you'll not look back!” - G McLeish, SEL Business Languages Ltd

“always personable and available”

“Ahmed al-Hamdi has been a translator with DCULS for over 5 years and in that time has demonstrated both his language expertise and his excellent time management. Ahmed is always personable and available to help with our Arabic needs and we are always eager to have him as a member of our team” - Amy Fitzpatrick, DCU Language Services, Dublin City University, Ireland

“Very Impressed”

“Our client was very impressed with Mr al-Hamdi's translation of their press releases. The subject field was human rights.” - Claire Thompson, 1st degree connection1st, Partner at DeScribe Translations (MITI, MA) with Cristina Tejero Penco (Traductora e Intérprete Jurado de Inglés)


“Ahmed is a lovely man, conscientious, and very professional - I can recommend him to you!” - Ian Liddle, Partner at Farley’s Solicitors LLP

“Very Polite”

“Ahmed is an excellent translator and we have used him on several occasions for English > Arabic, he is always very quick to get back to me with queries and translations are back on time. He is very polite and lovely to work with.” - Michelle Edwards, Project Manager at Linguassist Interpreting and Translation Services


“Ahmed al-Hamdi worked for the University of Salford during 2013 to 2016 on a knowledge transfer contract with Abu Dhabi Police in the role as UK-based document translator. During this time, Ahmed fulfilled the role of translating business plans, legal documentation, and training materials from Arabic to English and English to Arabic. The flexible business approach adopted by Ahmed to meet short deadlines for translation work, which involved weekend and overnight working, was invaluable. The quality of Ahmed’s translation work was extremely high and praised by our client, Abu Dhabi Police. Ahmed was also invaluable in providing general commercial and cultural insight when undertaking business in the UAE. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the translation services of Ahmed al-Hamdi.” - Andrew Hampson, Head of Enterprise at the University of Salford

“A High Level of Service”

“I am writing to you in regards to some positive feedback we have received regarding the above referenced assignment. The client has contacted us to share the following: “I have found Ahmed al-Hamdi to be an excellent translator. He is very professional and competent and forms part of the training delivery team. He has excellent engagement with the delegates and the trainers and is very responsive to their needs. He is clear and coherent with his translation and is emphatic in his delivery. He is always well turned out and on time and seeks to help with the delivery of the course material in every way he can.” We would like to thank you for your hard work and let you know that we very much appreciate your efforts to deliver a high level of service and positive experience to this client. We have made a note of this positive feedback on your profile for our records. Again many thanks for your hard work. - Saireen Khan, Service Excellence Specialist at TWB Global

“Professional and Accommodating”

“I am writing to confirm that Mr al-Hamdi has successfully completed 2 assignments with Greater Manchester Police. In the first instance, in May 2014, he worked closely with this department for 31 days providing interpreting and written translations of a high quality in regards to senior delegates from Qatar. He was then required to work a further 19 days in November 2014, for a similar assignment. The original Qatari Officers were impressed by Mr AI-Hamdi's work and specifically requested that he be assigned for the second set of delegates. Therefore in total, Mr al-Hamdi worked for 50 days, with an average working day of 8 hours. On occasion he did work extra hours at short notice, due to the structure of the course we supplied, and therefore he has completed over 400 hours work for us in this capacity. We have found Mr al-Hamdi to be very professional and accommodating to our specific requirements and we look forward to working with him again in the future. If you require any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.” - PC Martyn Everett, Greater Manchester Police - Sedgley Park Training Centre

“A Joy to Work with”

“Further to the reference which I recently supplied by email on the 23rd of September, 2013 for the Drivers Standards Agency, I wish to confirm that Mr Ahmed al-Hamdi has been employed as a freelance English to Arabic translator at the Marlow Language Centre for a period of approximately 11 years. I have known him personally throughout this time and have found him to be a really excellent translator with a very mature and responsible attitude towards his work. Ahmed has already translated over 250,000 words for us over the past decade and as far as I am aware he has never missed a client deadline. His work is always very accurate and he is good working under pressure. Over the years he has handled a wide variety of subject matters and texts for us and I am delighted to say that we have never received a single complaint about his work. He is always very flexible and even when he is extremely busy he always manages to find time to fit in our requests. It is very comforting to be able to give translation projects to Ahmed knowing that they will always be dealt with in a very professional and workmanlike manner with the minimum of fuss. I was particularly touched on several occasions when Ahmed sent me Christmas cards and Easter wishes even though he is of the Muslim faith and obviously celebrates different religious events and festivals from myself. He is truly a very compassionate and empathetic person who really is a joy to work with. I have no hesitation whatsoever in unreservedly recommending him. Should you require any further information regarding Ahmed please do not hesitate to contact me.” - Howard J. Eeles, BSc. Hons, TEFL Managing Director / Principal The Marlow Language Centre

“Rose to the Challenges”

“This letter confirms that between March and June 2008 Mr Ahmed al-Hamdi worked as the consecutive interpreter on courses held at the Emergency Planning College. These courses were extremely technically demanding for an interpreter, involving complex subjects and specialised vocabulary, context and vernacular in a teaching environment. They were also physically demanding owing to the long hours involved, which included coverage at all meals and social events. Mr al-Hamdi rose to the challenges and gave an excellent service that allowed the College to maintain the pace of teaching to meet its course training objectives, and supported the communication between trainers and students.” - Major- General Michael Charlton-Weedy, CBE Chief Executive Emergency Planning College Cabinet Office

“A Pleasure to Work with”

“I have known Mr. al-Hamdi since 1981 when he began to help me to read and translate medieval Arabic texts. Of all the Arabic speakers I have collaborated with I have found Mr. al-Hamdi the most reliable and the most intelligent. Most recently we have established the text of a ninth century A.D. astrological work which is found in two British Library manuscripts. Mr. al-Hamdi has not only helped me to interpret the text, but has also written out the edition in a very clear and beautiful Arabic hand. His role has been so important that, in the eventual publication of the text, he will be named as joint author. Mr. al-Hamdi has been punctilious in keeping appointments and producing what he has promised. His command of idiomatic English is impressive and he has the mental agility required of a good translator. He is enthusiastic and imaginative. He is keen to keep abreast with the latest computer technology, but he is also talented on the arts side. I have heard him recite English and Arabic poetry off by heart and I believe (though I am no judge of this) that his own compositions in Arabic poetry are good. He is eager to learn more about both Arabic and Western Classical music - especially that for the lute. Above all Mr. al-Hamdi has a very pleasant personality, and a pleasure to work with.” - Professor Charles S. F. Burnett (Lecturer in the history of Islamic influence on Europe in the Middle Ages and early modern period) The Warburg Institute, University of London

“Very Impressed”

“This is to certify that Pr Ahmed al-Hamdi was invited to the King Fahd School of Translation at University Abd Elmalek Essaadi in Morocco as a guest speaker on Wednesday and Thursday March 4th and 5th, 2009. Pr al-Hamdi gave a series of lectures that covered both recent theoretical aspects and practical challenges of translation. He also held a meeting with faculty and staff to discuss various possibilities of academic cooperation. The staff and faculty of KFST were very impressed by al-Hamdi's competence in the field and his level of professionalism.” - Director Taibi Nour, Universite Abdelmalek Essaadi Ecole Superieure Roi Fahd de Traduction


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